New Year, New Blog

Hi! Thank you so much for reading my very first blog! Deciding to do this is scary – but I appreciate this direct way to connect one-to-one with you. I’m hoping that sometimes a special thought or experience or mine, something I’ve read or remembered, will resonate with you, give a laugh, maybe bring a lift to your day. If I bore you, please forgive me. Click “x” immediately and wipe me out. The great thing is I’ll never know!!

Through writing a personal column for fifteen years in our local newspaper, the Marietta Daily Journal, and other published writings (devotionals and personal essays), I’ve discovered that connecting through the written word with other people – mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – is one of the greatest joys on earth. Now suddenly I am OLD! (I can’t believe HOW old – don’t ask!!) But thank God I still like to read, think, write, share, ponder, notice, wonder, pray, grumble, get irritated, and delight in special “serendipity” moments of pure joy. My darling husband, Dallas, is only “present” to me half the time. His mind and personality are as great as ever, but his physical health has deteriorated so that he needs fulltime nursing care and by 8 PM is tucked in bed for the night. I need someone to “talk” to. Besides, surely living 87 years has given me SOMETHING worth passing on now and then? (Even if it’s tips on what NOT to do as I’ve done!)

I think a blog is supposed to be short, so I’ll sign off now with best wishes for your health, peace, personal growth, and countless moments of joy as we journey, sometimes together, through 2015.



13 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog”

    1. Thank you, Tersi! It’s fun to get in touch with those like you, wholm I haven’t seen in ages. I don’t get all the technical stuff needed but thankful Dixie and patty are helping me slowly learn! Love, Nancy Ryle


  1. What a fabulous New Year’s Gift you have given us – “New Year, New Blog”! I can’t think of anything I will enjoy more than being able to read a blog by my favorite author, Nancy Ryle. Why, I’m still whining about missing your column in the MDJ.


    1. Pat, I don’t know what I’m getting into!!! I do love “talking” and sharing, as you know, but all the technical knowhow is beyond me. Thanks for caring. Hope to see you at supper cloub tomorrow at Aspen’s. Love you, Nancy


  2. You’re a family of writers and I enjoy everyone of you. Patty continues to keep me stimulated and inspired. I sure you will do the same. Love ya


    1. Dearest Barbara, I am so bewildered with how to, what to, what not to….Dixie tutored me today but I still don’t know anything! I may have replied to you a dozen times, or I may not at all, or I think I sent yhou a reply once that I meant for Dixie!!! Anyway, thank you for encouraging me in thie effort. I hope I can write something worth reading not and then! love you so much, Nancy


  3. So happy to see your words of wisdom again. I agree w/you about the resolutions versus goals. Much more positive to be working toward something rather than the restricting resolutions impose on us– often sets us up for failure . Thank you for sharing– we need your thoughts!!! Love you !


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