Lenten Lament (Looking In the Mirror)

The year’s at the spring, the day’s at the morn,

And I’m at the mirror, forlorn, forlorn.

Why, oh why, do I indulge

In eating habits that make me bulge?

At Halloween I ate the sweets

That I had bought for “Trick Or Treats”.

At Thanksgiving time I went on a spree,

I stuffed the turkey and then stuffed me.

Now my figure is even ampler,

Thanks to my Valentine Whitman’s Sampler.

I’ll diet right now! It will come in handy…

Just in time for the Easter Candy.

Nancy D. Ryle, copyright 2015


10 thoughts on “Lenten Lament (Looking In the Mirror)”

  1. This is great! Believe me, none of us ladies like to see ourselves in the mirror!

    Love you, just the way you are- not what the mirror says!

    Love, and thanks for your sweet note! Barbara

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